About Gaea Ecoluxe

Gaea Ecoluxe reusable makeup remover pads were created as an ecological solution to the disposable cotton wipes that we use.

Made from a technical fiber, they don’t stain like cotton, bamboo and other reusable wipes on the market. Even waterproof mascara and lipstick can be rubbed off using soap & hot water.

Because of it’s airy fiber density, Gaea Ecoluxe reusable pads absorb very little liquid compared to other wipes. Considering how expensive lotions, creams & removers are, this means less product wasted on the pad and more savings for you. You’ll be surprised at the difference.

Gaea Ecoluxe pads are fluffy and soft on the skin.

Caring for your Gaea Ecoluxe makeup pads

Wash your Gaea Ecoluxe reusable makeup remover pads prior to first use and wash after every usage. Hand wash or machine wash in warm / hot water & soap. Rub out stains by hand with soap & water. Disinfect using chlorine/bleach if necessary. Machine dry on low temperature or air dry. 

Using the Gaea Ecoluxe wash & dry bag prevents makeup remover pads from adhering to other items in dryer.

Not reusable when used with nail polish or other solvent-based products.

ZMASQ. Washable, breathable polypropylene

ZMASQ was developed by a Montreal designer after thoroughly researching textiles and their effectiveness in stopping viral particles. Aided by the insights of a friend working at the CNESST, this non-homologated mask was created to be as efficient as possible.

ZMASQ is designed for full face coverage from below eyes to chin. A domed shape create an air pocket for easy inhalation and exhalation allowing for comfortable breathability and long-term wear.

Designed with independent elastic ties ZMASQ is easy to remove without touching the front of your mask or face as recommended by public health officials.

Caring for your ZMASQ

Wash your mask prior to first wear and wash after every usage. Hand wash in warm / hot water & soap. You can use the spin cycle on washing machine and/or air dry. DO NOT USE CHLORINE / BLEACH. DO NOT IRON. Masks can also be disinfected by spraying them with hydrogen peroxide (10 volume, 3%), but they must be dried 48 hours prior to wear to ensure no harmful vapors are inhaled. Please follow public officials recommandations on how to wear and handle your mask.

About Kaito

Kaito accessories are made from repurposed kitesurf material. Each object is unique and inspired from available fabric. Designs are bold, colourful and graphic.

Hand wash or machine wash in cold water. Air dry.


You have 7 days after receiving your order to report a problem or defect. For obvious sanitary reasons, we don’t take back health & beauty items that have been delivered such as masks or reusable makeup remover pads. We will either repair or replace defective items.


Colors & designs may change without notice. Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery on regular orders. And 2-3 weeks on printed orders depending on volume.

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